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Get 10% OFF & Free Shipping W/Code WIN2K24

Wine Lovers Bottle Opener

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This wine bottle opener uses the principle of air pressure to help you take the cork out easily and quickly, effectively and safely, and enjoy your wonderful life.

NO Muscles Needed To Use & Upgraded Air Pressure Pump Cork Remover Replace traditional corkscrew, remove the cork entirely by air pressure pump rather than pull the cork out after screwing in the screw by manpower. Remove the foil by foil cutter, pushed down in as far as it would go, pump once, hear the air and feel the cork move a little. A few more pumps, cork slid out. Only needs about 30 seconds to pump and open

No Cork Pieces Float In Bottle & Works No Matter Dry Hard or Moist Cork The needle is extremely sharp to go threw the hardest of corks and the driest ones too. Use traditional spiral cork remover will split the moist cork into chip and fall into wine, otherwise hard to screw into hard cork.

By using this cork pump, cork will pops out entirely, no muscles needed, no any chip fall into the wine affect the flavors. Portable & Lightweight & High Safety Performance It is small enough to take wherever the family dinner party or travel. Needle on this model is well protected even someone a little klutzy, easy to hold and no need to worry about your hands slipping off.

Carry one around, enjoy lady bro party anywhere, a cork remover make kids can operate independently, increase child’s hands-on ability and sense of achievement, A must-have opener gift for wine collectors

Full 4 Pieces Set Creates Popping Sound Similar To Champagne Comes with foil cutter (Made by hard aluminum material, 4 round wheel smooth cutting the bottle's foil, different from thin aluminum foil which will be teared easily and just only have a short life), wine aerator pourer (Made by silicone, adhered to the bottleneck tightly avoid spill when pouring or the remaining wine mess up), Vacuum Wine Stopper (Eliminate wasting wine and will preserve flavors, keeping wine fresh!)
Safe Non-Toxic ABS Material Durable Use Made by high quality ABS material, teflon needle surface of wine opener treated with food grade and resistance to corrosion. Food Grade Silicone for the wine pourer.

Package included (set with box):
1 x Wine Opener
1 x Foil Cutter
1 x Wine Pourer
1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper