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Get 10% OFF & Free Shipping W/Code WIN2K24

Liven Riyue Shabu-Shabu Multi-Purpose Shabu-Roasting Integrated Electric Hot Pot Electric Oven SK-J3200 Fast Heating, Smoke-Free And Non-Sticky

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3 Choice:BBQ,hot pot,BBQ+hot pot. BBQ and Shabu Shabu Hotpot can combine and function together or Separately .

Material: Food-grade material with non-stick coating, high temperature resistance, healthy and easy to clean

Control: Separately control pot and BBQ, with temperature control making cooking more easy.It is a normal phenomenon that the product smells at the first use, because the gas in the pipe is discharged after being energized, which is the smell of the circuit components inside, but after a few times of usation, there is no smell. It is recommended that the customer first heat it without food and clean it with detergent.

EASY CLEAN :Can not take the electric cords out of the grill before wash the grill. Before cleaning, unplug the power plug and let the pot cool. Do not use the steel ball when washing it, otherwise it will scratch the non-stick layer, wipe it with a soft cloth. In order to extend the service life, please keep the pot dry during storage




1. It takes "Tai Chi" and "Sun Moon" as its design inspiration, combining hot pot and roasting pan into one, shabu-bake in one.

2. It has integrated temperature control, independent temperature control in the barbecue area and shabu-shabu area, easy to enjoy delicious food.

3. Its thickened pot body design, non-smoke and non-stick healthy coating, effectively suppress oily smoke, healthy and safe.

4. It has 1300W high power and fast heating speed, so there is no need to wait for a long time to make food.

5. It has a 1.8L hot pot capacity, and the roasting pan can fry a variety of foods at the same time, satisfying the food intake of 2-4 people.

6. 120V North American voltage, free shipping to 48 states in the United States.