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Get 10% OFF & Free Shipping W/Code WIN2K24

GO 80.3' Large Luxury Rabbit Hutch, Chicken Coop with Wavy Roof Decorative Strip Asphalt Slab Roof Barbed Wire Acrylic Hold 8 Rabbits, White and Black

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Luxury Modelling The main structure of this rabbit cage is divided into three main parts. The main building has a large interior space to allow rabbits move about freely, and the first floor enlarges the running space. This gives the rabbit more freedom of movement. The overall feeling of this cage

Symmetrical Structure This rabbit cage has a symmetrical design on both sides. For the second floor, on either side are two small houses with pointed roofs, and in the middle is a flat-roofed passageway with hollowed-out barbed wire on both sides. For the first floor, the black wood pole in the mid

High-quality Materials This rabbit cage is mostly made of cedar wood, which including main structure, wavy roof decorative strip, and window frame. The pointed roofs of the two small houses and the bungalow of the passageway, as well as the pitched roof of the first floor are manufactured of asphal

Easy to Clean & Grab Rabbits Perspex panels installed at both ends of the first floor make it easy to observe the rabbit's movements, while two white-framed wire doors can be opened for cleaning and viewing the interior. There is a door that opens in the middle of the first floor for grabbing rabbi

Assembly Instruction & Dimension To ensure that users can install this rabbit cage smoothly, a instruction manual and a hardware packs shipped with the product, but users need to prepare a screwdriver in advance. The clear and logical install instruction manual can assist users install the product



The luxurious large rabbit cage with wavy trim strips, suitable for the back yard, will allow children to develop patience and responsibility in the pet ownership process. Symmetrical design adds aesthetic value while simultaneously providing functionality and utility. The extra cage space on the first floor allows rabbits to move freely and happily. The material combination of cedar wood, wire mesh, asphalt slab, and Acrylic ensures the quality and ease of use. All roofs are tarred to prevent rainwater from seeping into the cage. Moreover, the rabbits can move through the stairs in the middle of the cage, which increases the fun of rabbit activities. The removable bottom plates allow users clean the waste effortlessly.





Product Type

Rabbit Hutch

Room Capacity

6-8 rabbits or 4-6 chickens


Fir wood + Asphalt + Acrylic + Steel


Black & White

Number of Package


Country of Origin



Adult Assembly Required


Additional Tools Required



Commercial Warranty


Product Warranty


Warranty Length

one year

Full or Limited Warranty


Product Dimensions

Overall size

80.3' x 31.5' x 47.6'

Overall Product Weight

87.56 lbs

Package Weight

100.89 lbs


Package Size

Sub-item 1: WF285668AAA Package Quantity:  1    43.70 * 28.35 * 5.12 inches  29.98lbs
Sub-item 2: WF285669AAA Package Quantity:  1    33.46 * 29.13 * 8.27 inches  40.34lbs
Sub-item 3: WF285670AAA Package Quantity:  1    44.69 * 24.41 * 7.68 inches  29.76lbs