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Get 10% OFF & Free Shipping W/Code WIN2K24

4.5L 8-In-1 Multifuntional Stainless Steel Master Cookware Digital Air Fryer Oven YJ

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4.5L 8-In-1 Multifuntional Stainless Steel Master Cookware Digital Air Fryer Oven


Product Specification:

Package Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 14.4 inches
Item Weight: 11 pounds.
Capacity: 4.7QT
Product Model: MA13
Warranty: 24 month warranty
Power: 1500W
Material: Stainless Steel
Time Range: 0-30Mins
Temp Range: 180-400°F
Product Size: 10.0*13.0*14.4 inches
8 Preset Menu: Fish, Baking/Cooking, Meat, Shellfish, Pizza, Sausage, French fries, Chicken

Package Includes:

Air Fryer


8-IN-1 MENU & EASY TO USE: MOOSOO multi-function air fryer with 8 preset menus, can cook a variety of food. The smart digital touch screen clearly displays various functions, combine with the rotary button, easy to use. You may air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast and dehydrate, one-key operation, very suitable for beginners.

360° HEAT CYCLE & 80% LESS OIL: With 360° super hot air frying technology, fast heating of food, you can enjoy crispy food in less than 30 minutes. The circulating hot air cooks evenly and locks the moisture in the food, giving the food a deep-fried flavor, but it can reduce oil by up to 80%. Less-oil air frying will bring more healthy fried food to your dinning table.

HIGH POWER & TEMP/TIME SETTING: 1500W high power heats the air to quickly, which can cook food faster and save you waiting time. The large LCD touch screen has time & temp settings, combine with the rotary button, you can adjust the time and temp at will according to the recipe. Temperature range is 180-400°F, and the time range is 0-30 minutes.

AUTO SHUTOFF & OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The air fryer has passed UL certification, is safe and durable. It is equipped with automatic power-off and overheating protection function, ensure the product works safely and well, even children can use it with confidence. And we provide a one-year warranty period to ensure that the product serves you better.

NON-STICK BASKET & RECIPE: The basket of the air fryer is coated with a non-stick coating, and it is detachable, easy to clean and dishwasher. Heat-resistant handle and stainless steel shell design, beautiful and durable. Equipped with a 100 recipe, which is more convenient to use, and you can make various dishes at will.


360° Rapid Super-hot Air Frying Technology!First, the super-hot baking device heats up the air quickly to 400°F.Then, 1500 W high-power fan quickly circulates hot air in the basket to penetrate the food.Finally, on the inside of the basket, there is a unique pattern design that allows the air to form a vortex heat flow, and 360° contact with the surface of the food, quickly take away the water vapor generated by heating, and make the surface crisp and golden, so as to achieve frying taste.

The rapid frying of MOOSOO air fryer, saving you time and energy.

French fries, chicken, beef, and even cake can be easily cooked, provide more delicious and healthy fried food for your dining-table!