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Is Rattan A Good Material For Outdoor Furniture?

by Lucas Harry 15 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Is Rattan A Good Material For Outdoor Furniture?

There are many materials to choose from when buying outdoor furniture for outdoor space. While you can choose from materials like wood, metal, and plastic, wicker rattan is another common option to consider. 

But is wicker rattan a good material for outdoor furniture? 

Whether buying a 6-piece patio furniture set or a 5-piece patio furniture set to converse with your family and host your friends, rattan is one of the best materials to consider for its several benefits.

Here are a few reasons to choose wicker rattan for your patio furniture:

Resilience to Outdoor elements

One property you want from your outdoor furniture set is the ability to withstand outdoor elements, and you can count on wicker rattan. Although we don’t advise leaving your furniture in the rain, rattan is resilient to harsh weather conditions like the rain and sun. 

While rattan can soak up water when left too long in the rain, lacquer-coating it will help prevent this. Hence, you have the peace of mind of using your furniture outdoors in the winter and summer. 

This 5-Piece All Weather Wicker Outdoor UV-Resistant Patio Sofa Set  is resilient to UV rays.


When picking a patio furniture set, you don’t want to skip durability, and wicker rattan furniture is a great option to consider. 

Rattan furniture can outlast leather and wood furniture, depending on maintenance. There are still outdoor wicker rattan sets purchased over 50 years that are still in good shape. Interestingly, these sets can still last another 50 years. 

All you need to keep your rattan furniture healthy is proper caring. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can pass your rattan furniture down to another generation. 

Low Maintenance Requirements

One great selling point of wicker rattan furniture sets is little maintenance. Since your outdoor furniture is exposed to the outdoor elements, it is essential to maintain it, and this is easier with wicker furniture. Since wicker rattan pieces have a natural aversion to rot and bugs, the maintenance requirements are quite low compared to maintaining wood and metal patio sets. 

Again, lacquering your outdoor sets once every year will help prevent the risk of mold growth and water soak-up while maintaining their attractive appearance. 

Consider this 6-Piece Outdoor Patio PE Wicker Rattan Sofa Set Dining Table Set  for ease of maintenance.


Wicker rattan outdoor sets are steady, but they are also safe to use, especially for children. While your children can get themselves injured when they fall out of metal or wood furniture, rattan eliminates this fear. 

Since rattan is lightweight, your children are safe playing around your furniture. Plus, moving rattan furniture doesn’t scratch the floor, which cannot be said for wood and metal furniture. 

Browse our outdoor furniture catalog for more outdoor wicker rattan furniture sets to beautify your outdoor space.

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